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The Quooker boiling hot water tap is one of those rare ‘must haves’. This simple, ultra-safe idea immediately renders kettles out of date and takes kitchens a giant leap forward. Applications are endless. The most obvious one is making a cup of tea. Of course, you can also fill up a pasta pan, blanch vegetables, heat up plates and serving platters, all done in a moment with boiling water of 100 degrees C.

Our tap collection includes six models, this allows you to find a matching Quooker tap for every kitchen. All Quooker taps have a child proof  push-and- turn handle. They are also height adjustable and insulated.

VAQ denotes the latest generation of Quookers. What makes the VAQ tank really special is hidden from the eye: it’s revolutionary high vacuum insulation. Combining a high vacuum with a radiation shield provides ultra-efficient insulation, making the Quooker highly energy-efficient. The VAQ’s standby power consumption is only 10W, or 3 pence per day.