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Founded in 1979 by Geoffrey Ward, Bisque introduced the concept of designer radiators to the UK, pioneered towel radiators (virtually unheard of 30 years ago), introduced colour finishes and commissioned such innovative, award-winning designs as the revolutionary Hot Spring and the charismatic Archibald towel radiator.

Bisque were the first company to introduce designer radiators into the UK and our philosophy and vision remains the same – to offer beautiful but practical radiators in the most exciting styles, colours and shapes. From the totally outrageous to the eminently sensible, Bisque offers a selection of over 40 styles in thousands of sizes, colours and finishes.

Bisque are passionately committed to design, quality and service and our aim is to empower the customer so that they end up with exactly the right radiator for their home.

Bisque continue to remain at the cutting edge of radiator design and were recently voted one of the CoolBrands of 2009/2010.